When the night comes, it’s a good time to listen some musics while summing up today’s work 😉

So here is the shoot of ASUS Xonar Essence One DAC section. It could be my final call for now.

I use only my Nokia Lumia 920 which is (not) surprisingly produces decent image quality. A bit over exposure on the white section (my mistake as I adjusted the exposure compensation on this shoot).

LME 49720 surprisingly good on LPF section, although running a bit hot – sound improves when it’s hot actually rather then when it’s cool. I think no oscillation there – need to confirm with my scope later. And the final stage is still my favorite, AD825.

The I/V has been changed to LME 49860 which is also quite interesting sound opamp.

Don’t ask me about that white rounded stuff.

Some more opamps to go perhaps, later…