After this process, now it’s time for the audio board to return to its original place. Time to plug her back.

The final touch is to assembly the power supply board and the new capacitors. It will take some time – 15 minutes probably?

For some capacitors, I need to jumper them (space is the main concern). So I use UP-OCC wire with Teflon insulation (around 18 AWG) to connect them. And off course, a bit of creativity to mount them. Note the yellow Jensen electrolytic capacitors and their new ‘DIY’ mounting kit 😉 Can’t see any better for sure!


The final appearance of the card. I don’t think I can use the original cover then. How about a new chassis? You bet!

Also you can see a ‘bamboo’ bridge to connect both ‘walls’ which holds the Jensen. Again, not the best approach but it just works!