I believe you still remember this one?

After some listening test, I decided to have another revision. It was a good capacitor, but I was thinking if I could improve some of its aspect. Well, I could be wrong, but no pain no glory, right? 😉

So here is the new revision of the ‘No Name’ Capacitor. Physically wise, they are all the same. But I add some mass on this new capacitor, so it will be a bit heavier. Due to its extra mass, I bet it will be better when vertically positioned, instead of horizontal.

Another different is, it has the 5th lead which is ground/shield of the capacitor. So although it has no metal case on the outside, but we still can have a benefit of shielding when needed.


Around 10 cm of length. This capacitor is rated at 470uF and 450VDC. Not bad, huh? I think we can increase a bit to 500VDC when needed.


Last improvement which we can see physically is the lead out. Now it has pure silver lead out. It’s shiny, but also a bit soft (that’s the pain of pure silver wire). So handle with care. I’m quite sure no one wants to accidentally break this wire 😉

I think that’s all I can say about the different from physical point of view. There are some changes internally, but I would assume no one is interested to know.


How does it sound? Let’s see on some comparison with it’s older brother, the Rev. 1… Later…

Hope I did it right with this version.