Monthly Archives: May 2013

OpAmp Testing on ASUS Xonar Essence One

When the night comes, it’s a good time to listen some musics while summing up today’s work 😉 So here is the shoot of ASUS Xonar Essence One DAC section....... Read More

Evening Soldering Practice: LME 49720HA

It’s been quite some time since I play with small soldering job. Time to practice a bit more. On the same time, I have to solder my LME 49720HA to...... Read More

Asus Xonar Essence One (E1): Finally It’s Done!

Finally it’s done, the modification of Asus Xonar Essence One (E1). Before we go to a final listening test, let’s enjoy some pictures first. As I have explained before, this...... Read More

Asus Xonar Essence One (E1): Almost Done…

After this process, now it’s time for the audio board to return to its original place. Time to plug her back. The final touch is to assembly the power supply...... Read More

Asus Xonar Essence One (E1) Audio Board Modification

Time to get into serious business now: Let do some surgery. The object: Asus Xonar Essence One audio board. I’m gonna make it quick. The ordinary Nichicon is no where...... Read More

‘No Name’ Capacitor Rev. 2

I believe you still remember this one? After some listening test, I decided to have another revision. It was a good capacitor, but I was thinking if I could improve...... Read More

Reviving Old Capacitor in 5 Minutes [Quick Reforming Capacitor Guide]

If you have a bunch of capacitors on the shelf, surely you will even face this. Once upon a time, I plan to use my old capacitor (we are talking...... Read More

A Troop of Capacitor

For Asus Xonar Essence One modification 😉 Best on the class, perfect on their position.... Read More