I believe you still remember this one? I think it’s time to give a short review of it.

As comparison, I will use Jensen 4-Pole capacitor as both has same capacitance (470 uF).

Caveat: The Jensen 4-Pole has been used for quite some time as it’s my reference electrolytic capacitor. While this new ‘No Name’ capacitor is currently fresh from the oven. Quite unfair for the comparison, but from my experience, the ‘talent’ of capacitor should easily leave an impression on first sight, I mean, first listening test 😉

So, what is my first impression?

This new ‘No Name’ capacitor has more ‘analogue’ sound. The vocal is sweet enough for an electrolytic capacitor, but not too sweet. The resolution also clearly ahead of the Jensen 4-Pole. The staging, depth and width, also much better than the Jensen 4-Pole (quite obvious on 月光小夜曲 by Cai Qin). Dynamic and headroom also not limited. Quite interesting. It just has more timbre and more ‘sweet’ harmonic along the music. Norah Jones, Cai Qin, and Livingston Taylor easily on this ‘No Name’ capacitor side. So, I can easily say this is more musical than the Jensen 4-Pole. The different is easily recognized on several seconds after the music played.

Am I saying this new ‘No Name’ capacitor has no weakness? Not really.

The speed is a little bit slow. This is quite obvious when playing ‘Black Magic Woman’ from Patricia Barber. During the last 3-4 minutes to the end of the track, we can hear and test the speed of the system (best part of the track actually). I can say this ‘No Name’ capacitor has the dynamic, power, and everything (including the guitar distortion which I prefer this capacitor instead of the Jensen 4-Pole). But it just seems like to play the music easily and constant speed (which eventually translated into a bit slower, especially when compared to Jensen 4-Pole). I could say it lacks (a bit) of pace?

Despite the speed, it has everything to make me fall-in-love at first listening test (my fall-in-love at first sight should be my wife;). Tonality wise, it’s musical. Staging wise, it’s deep and wide. Harmonically wise, it’s rich. Resolution wise, I don’t think we can have a lot of electrolytic could outperform this one. Male and female vocal? For me, it’s no contest against the Jensen 4-Pole.

The pace reminds me of too much Kiwame resistor. But Kiwame will hide the detail and resolution, while this new ‘No Name’ capacitor will keep the detail and resolution there, plus all the timbre and harmonic.

Will see how this will perform in next several hundreds hours. With additional extra of speed, this would be perfect!

Or, maybe it will need some extra tuning 😉