Maybe you still remember my old article here. It was Nokia Lumia 800 used during my trip to Singapore. Now, visiting similar place but with slightly different ‘gun’, the Nokia Lumia 920. I know that Nokia Lumia 920 has been released for quite some time. But just now I have enough time to play more with it. My impression? Surely it has a better photo (and video) quality. Impressive Image Stabilizer function which is very useful when taking video and also impressive low light camera performance.

Picture should mean thousand of words, so let’s enjoy it 🙂

A shoot of coffee should light my day (with only around 5 hours sleeping time on the night before). It’s a free complimentary for ANZ card holder (4 times in a year for food and beverage, or 8 times for beverage only). BCA Prioritas would give you an unlimited one, though 😉 Back to the topic, the low light camera performance played important role here. A bit of grainy noise on the back, but the detail of the creamy chocolate coffee remained delicious 😉

1-Waiting for Boarding

A bit of macro shoot. Good one!

2-The Coffee

I still have some time to spend. So I move to another ‘free lounge’ for ANZ card holder. I wasn’t looking for food, but merely just to relax a bit and took some shoot. The room light was quite dimmed (well, that’s a lounge, right?) and again, the low light performance of Nokia Lumia 920 played quite important role here.

3-Another Lounge

Straight away to the Bugis Street. It was ‘Cap Go Meh’ on the Sunday, and very crowded as there was a famous Kuan Yin Temple there. The colorful stall on the street surely quite an interesting object to be taken. The dynamic range for such a smartphone camera also considered good.

4-Bugis Crowd

This famous Kuan Yin Temple seemed has been my reference object. I always pay a visit during my visit to Singapore. It was quite a sunny hot day, but we didn’t lose any significant amount of details there.

5-Bugis Temple

I jumped a bit to Marina Bay Sands and took some interesting photo of the small river on the ground floor. Again, it was a sunny day with a lot of sun power to highlight the blue river. Not an easy scene to be captured by a tiny smartphone camera.

6-MBS River

Chinese New Year seemed still not yet done on Marina Bay Sands. Again, this was a difficult shoot as I was facing sunlight directly. I love the colorful flower there. To be honest, we have reached the limit of a smartphone camera here.

7-MBS Sky

Kuan Yin Temple at night. Well, a night shoot without tripod is no longer impossible with smartphone camera 😉

8-Bugis Temple Night

Colorful plants, which I though I did expect a greener plants and some brighter flowers here…


Against the sunlight. Gateway East and West building as main object. This Nokia Lumia 920 really dare to take the challenge and the result was good considering the difficulty of the scene.

10-Against The Sun

Another simple macro shoot with standard room lighting. Really this was coming far away from French?


Next is (I think) the best shoot from my journey this time. Such colorful flowers, beautiful! I almost hard to believe if I took it with my smartphone (umm, with my Nokia Lumia 920).


So fresh and detail. The water drops there… I only can say: Impressive!


I cropped it a bit larger from above photo and the result still amazingly sharp with good color balance.


Lunch time… Chicken, Pork, and Duck.


Another reference object, The Cocoa Trees at Changi Terminal 3.

16-Cocoa Trees

A quick (but huge) dinner. A bit soft in terms of the color, but the detail and everything remains there.


A bottle of juice. Pink seemed become a new favorite color this time. A bit grainy on the background which I believe the camera pushed the ISO a bit, but again, the details were there.

21-Juice Snapple

Such a yummy seedless grapes… See the transparent fork, the tissue’s texture, and off course, the grapes 😉

21-Seedless Grapes

Waiting for boarding. See how Nokia Lumia 920 could handle the big contrast different between indoor scene and outdoor scene. We still can see the airplane outside the building, right?


Last but not least, the video impression taken inside the taxi. Mind you that the road was quite bumpy. See how the image stabilizer could stabilize the scene without bringing some headache during watching it. I uploaded HD quality video, so please make sure you switch to HD quality first in order to see the best quality one. Dare to try same scenario with your phone?

Conclusion: I would say that the leap from Nokia Lumia 800 to Nokia Lumia 920 is a huge one, especially in the camera side. The low light performance is impressive, while the Image Stabilizer does work for the video. Although the color balance is a bit soft on some scene, but the details are there. On some carefully taken photo, I would think some of us would not believe that the photo was taken from such a tiny smartphone camera.

Update 7th March 2013: My old friend, Michael, asked for a sample shoot at 1 PM (see his comment on the comment section below). I took below picture at 12.55 PM in a real hot sunny day (sorry Mike, couldn’t fulfill your request at 13 PM sharp). Completely original photo, not even cropped so beware with the size around 3 MB each (click to see the original file). Another sorry to you Mike, seems the purple is on leave this time 😉

All these 6 images below were taken as-is. I didn’t even change any setting (normally I adjusted ISO or Exposure to compensate the environment). But that time it was completely point-and-shoot session (sorry if no interesting object). It could be better with some adjustment, but let’s consider I knew nothing about camera and would use it as-is. My right hand was carrying my lunch box (so please imagine how did I take the shot with one hand or even two hand while carrying the lunch box at same time). The result? I would let you decide it 😉


WP_20130307_002 WP_20130307_003 WP_20130307_004


WP_20130307_005 WP_20130307_008

Update 11th March 2013: Some more shoots at weekend. But this one was taken locally in Central Park Shopping Mall, Jakarta, Indonesia.