Monthly Archives: February 2013

MJ Technical Disc Vol. 6

There is a big surprise by MJ Audio Magazine this month. They provide a Technical Disc for their readers. There are total 16 amazing tracks, recorded superbly. I’m quite surprised...... Read More

Beautiful Mesh Plate

This is just another simple shoot. I don’t know why, the appearance of Mesh Plate tube always bring something special. I’m testing my burn-in tube rig actually. It’s good to...... Read More

Travelling with Nokia Lumia 920 [Camera Quality Review]

Maybe you still remember my old article here. It was Nokia Lumia 800 used during my trip to Singapore. Now, visiting similar place but with slightly different ‘gun’, the Nokia...... Read More

Preparing the Layout…

Yes, I’m kind a lazy guy when it comes to realization (or finalization) of my DIY project. But I think I’m gonna (or I have to) be serious to finalize...... Read More