I was thinking what was the alternative to replace my standard Pulse Transformer PE-65612 on my QLS QA-660. Actually I had several options, but after some simple research, eventually I ended my journey on Scientific Conversion product, the SC947-02 “SUPER”.

I know the name is quite weird: “Scientific Conversion”. I believe they are not related with Calculator or something, but surely they have something serious on their product.

I had some options from Lundahl, and some other common brand like Murata or similar. But if you are familiar with me, I do what people don’t. So let’s see how this Scientific Conversion could perform 😉

This pulse transformer is very cute and small. It’s only 9.5 x 5 mm and it has 8 pins like basic opamp. Imagine that!

Image below was taken with my ‘macro’ lens so don’t be surprise if they are looked ‘big’ than it should.


A comparison with a ruler perhaps could give you better idea how ‘big’ this transformer is…



Another shoot from the side of this SPDIF pulse transformer. I believe this won’t be to easy to be assembled.


Specification wise, it supports anything from 32 to 192 kHz. Very high bandwidth from 7 kHz – 200 MHz. And what I like the most is ultra low capacitance (0.5 pF), but very high rise time (3 ns).

Will see soon how this will perform against the Pulse PE-65612… 😉