If you have read my previous article regarding the Sencore LC102, definitely you will notice that I have no power supply for this unit. After searching around, it seems quite impossible to get the original power supply (especially I’m living in Asia which has 220V line). The plug also quite unique with 3-prongs type. The worst scenario, I plan to patch some cables inside and change the plug.

Well, the spirit of DIY surely doesn’t allow me to give up. After reading Sencore LC102’s user manual, then I realize that this unit can be powered with 12 Volts battery. I believe the original battery should be either NiCd or SLA (forgot which one). I think we can use traditional AA battery to power up this unit, right?

Finding appropriate battery enclosure which could hold 8 batteries is not the toughest job. The toughest one is to find correct DC ‘female’ power jack which could match the DC ‘male’ jack on this unit. FYI, Sencore uses a quite big ‘male’ jack which put me some trouble to find the correct ‘female’ one. I try several laptop DC adapter jack and it just wont fit.

I visit several component shops to find a set of DC power jack, then finally I can find one that suit this Sencore LC102. Finally, we can wake up this amazing tool. Voila, it runs perfectly at this stage. Need some more testing to make sure its functions are working perfectly. But at this stage, at least all buttons and displays are working nicely.

Sencore LC102

DIY spirit never dies. Several converters, connecting cables, 8x AA battery enclosure, and some Energizers!