Indonesia High End Audio Club holds an audio show from 7-9th of December 2012. Located in Hotel Sultan (used to be Hilton Hotel), Jakarta, Indonesia. There are total of 4 floors + 1 ground floor used for this show.

Here is some photos from the show. I don’t have much comments on it, just enjoy the picture.

The first is all Naim system (except the source).

Suara Audio, a local brand audio system specialized in tube gear and speaker.

One of the best of the show from my point of view: Hansen Prince + Karan and Ayon. One of the top notch high end speakers which also one of my favorite.

Thailand brand, Magnet, with its line conditioner product. They have solid state amplifier and also tube pre-amplifier.

Revolver meets Audion.

Revel meets Mark Levinson.

Dan D’Agostino unique meter on its amplifier.

JBL meets dCS. Interesting combination as I used to be a fan of dCS excellent sound (but not the price).

B&W meets Classe.

McIntosh is always so special with it’s blue VU Meter and vintage buttons.


Well, what can I say, this is cool!

A unique speaker system from McIntosh also. So many tweeter (or mid-range around).

KR Audio (should be 845) meets Monitor Audio speakers.

Easy to be recognized, Dynaudio speaker system with Krell.

Sonus Faber Amati meets VTL and Krell. Also one of my favorite system on this show.

XTZ speakers with Reimyo.

Martin Logan always comes with special sound, including this one.

Mr. Didi ‘Venture’ now is using digital source from his laptop connected to Weiss DAC.

Then off course to his masterpiece speaker and masterpiece amplifier.

Vienna Acoustics meets Boulder. Excellent combination.

Musical Fidelity system setup. This AMS100 amplifier is a serious and heavy Class-A contender.

Musical Fidelity is powering up KEF speaker. The LS50 Anniversary Edition has bigger sound that its appearance.

That’s all the photos. Maybe I miss some room as some rooms are fully occupied with visitors. But I think most of the rooms have been covered here.