I have been addicted with (vintage) measurement device for quite some time, maybe 5-6 years ago. This is not because of no reason. Vintage measurement device (mostly) uses high quality parts, because they were on ‘idealistic’ world. They were not so cost concern like most of the production line later these days. No surprise if such vintage device has a very long life and very durable. Also, don’t be surprise with the price tag to 😉 One of my favorite is this one.

Back to the topic: I have acquired one of my ‘tool-of-the-dream’, a Capacitor Analyzer. This Sencore LC102 is one of the best tool for the purpose. Not only analyzing capacitor, this little stuff also can analyze inductor (if I remember correctly, it’s able to detect the short inside your transformer winding, cool eh?).

The bad thing, as most of the vintage device, unlikely we can get a fully complete unit with all accessories. So this is the same case. I need to find an appropriate power adapter (shouldn’t be a real problem as any 18VDC supply will do) and the test lead. The later one could need some time to get one.

Opening the unit, then we can see a beautiful craftsmanship at its age. Properly designed of components, layout, wiring, and so on. Not mentioning the quality of the part itself.

This is quite sophisticated design as it uses a lot of micro-controllers to perform the testing. It also support up to 1000 VDC to test the capacitor! Hell yeah!

Toshiba, Motorola, Philips, National Semiconductor, etc work together to create a winning team. Impressive.

Some parts are made in Mexico. Cornell Dubilier, anyone?

Those beauty resistors…

Omron Relay also there.

Interesting to see how to play with this device with a lot of capacitors lying on the box 😉