Monthly Archives: August 2012

6N6P Tube with Gold Grid

A picture is worth a thousand words…... Read More

E-MU 1820M PCI Sound Card Revisited

This is actually an old card, but I think I can have a use if I can get an adequate mainboard with PCI slot. This card was quite famous at...... Read More

DIY Canare L-2T2S Interconnect Cable

Sometime it’s nice to build something simple at low cost, but reasonably sounds good. Today, we’re gonna make a simple interconnect cable. The purpose is actually I need to build...... Read More

Nikkor (Nikon) Lens Mini Comparison

Let’s move out from audio topic a bit and switch to photography. It’s well known that not all lenses are created equal. Indeed, they are not equal, both physical and...... Read More