This simple setup powered by ASTINtrew CD Player and Integrated one. Driving a pair of full range speaker. Quite natural sounding.

According to the exhibitor, this one was upgraded version. Unlikely to see Auricap lying around on a branded equipment, right?

Von Schweikert plus Jolida. Quite interesting setup on this room.

Again, if I could recall, this were 211 tubes. Should have enough power to drive the giant Von Schweikert speaker.

Estelon XC, the smallest one from Estelon. A quite simple setup.

All in one XTZ system.

Sold on the first day I believe!

The XTZ system in overall was quite affordable. The amplifier could be set on A or AB class, by pressing a single switch. I could hear the different within 10 seconds when switched from AB to A Class. The vocal improved quite a lot in A Class. And priced around RM$ 4800?

Elipson speaker, combined with Atoll equipments. French connection except the most left/right which were a Danish made.

All-in-one Atoll equipments.