ClearAudio Innovation Compact turntable. Clear Audio product always looked gorgeous. This one was not excluded for sure!

A system from Naim. Another digital audio player? 🙂 Compact system, but should be quite interesting sounding as far as I remember, Naim was completely serious in this game with SHARC and Blackfin stuff inside.

Audiolab and Mission system. All black? 🙂

A combination of several brand. You could see from the back signage.

Nagra equipments. Damned, I forgot the speaker. Just not on my head now.

Classic, really classic appearance with dual 845 tubes running in parallel Single Ended mode.

This vintage looked but high-end style meter was something that I couldn’t resist…

Similar classic appearance for their pre-amp also I believe.

This Epos speaker was powered with with quite powerful system. I could see 6C33 o the back, dual mono configuration, 4 tubes each channel. Phewww….

This horn definitely too much for a small hotel room. But quite interesting to hear as they combined with famous brand in this industry, Audio Note.

Audio Note CD Player and DAC. Simple, classic, and… Expensive 🙂