Aha.. the McIntosh system. Those blue and green light definitely satisfied the eyes, not only the ears.

I only could say… beautifully crafted equipments. Although I wasn’t agree with the green LED on the bottom of 9-pin triode of the Anniversary edition. An amber could give more romance.

The LS 3/5A community, Room #8040. Knock knock… Jo Ki are you there?

Woof woof… Jo Ki used a complete digital source for his setup. With a high resolution musics collection, you hardly would go back to CD again. Vinyl could be a different story though.

Could we reached even higher? 384 kHz ladies and gentlemen!

I believed this was the only room with a ‘teacher’ or ‘si-fu’ inside. Jo Ki gave a tutorial about digital music format to his audience. A really valuable session with also a direct listening test comparing several high resolution audio format.

Jo Ki surely hated vibration 😉

Still didn’t believe me? 😉

Harbeth… also not a new name in this industry.

The heavy weight championship, Dynaudio. Jeff Rowland system was there to make sure it would have enough juice.

Detail picture of the system to pump the power to Dynaudio speaker.  If I could recall my memory, the bottom two should be Shunyata Hydra Triton.