Another familiar name… Jaben with huge of headphones collection.

MA Recording also opened a room here with their musics collection. They sold in CD or DVD (high-rest data file) colllection. Price was quite high though the quality to be honest, quite superb. Hard to listen back to 16/44.1 if you ever listened the 24/96 or above.

The Genesis speaker used by MA Recording on their room.

LS50 Anniversary Edition. Small speaker with a big sound.

The bigger brother version also available.

Never underestimated the small LS50. They were drived by Pass X600.5 power amp. According to the exhibitor, you could always use lower power amp, but the Roger wouldn’t mind if you pumped more power to him. I could hear this could be true during short listening test.

Linn system, which if I could recall, were on the digital source also.

Rethm speaker and Gaanam system. Interesting full range system with active subwoofer in isobaric configuration.

Another view of the Gaanam and Rethm.