LG for sure also here showing their flagship product. You couldn’t get away without Smart TV and 3D.

High Definition was not just about sound, but also picture. Even we still could get ‘sharp picture’ here. Check the detail of the face.

Several familiar names? Rega, AKG, Thorens, Xindak, Zu, etc etc… Vinyl player also strike back here.

Oh the classic one, Rogers!

Sennheiser also here. Some high end headphone like 650 also available here.

Interesting small integrated amplifier. Nice build quality and finish.

This ‘grandpa’ gramophone was equipped with CD Player though.

Now we could see JVC with their car audio equipment. This is really all-in-one AV exhibition!

Getting into the 8th floor, I could smell some familiar names. The Epos AktiMate and AudioEngine were lying around. It seemed digital source like PC/Mac or HDD/SSD Player started to get place in audiophile’s heart.

I believe this was a system set with Swans speaker. Interesting with dome mid-range and ribbon tweeter.