I got a chance to short visit the Kuala Lumpur International Audio Video (KLIAV) 2012 show. It was held in JW Marriott Hotel at Bukit Bintang. Well, it’s a famous location with several shopping mall like Lot 10, Plaza Low Yat, Berjaya Times Square, and so on (I’m not used to shop, so hardly for me to remember all of them). I did a quick trip due to limited time, so here is the gift from the show. Basically for me who is more stere0-audio-centric, instead of visual-centric, the most interesting show was located on 8th and 7th floor. Totally, there was 5 floors used for this show.

This could be my first blog post with more than 50 pictures. So I cut them into several pages. I also didn’t have too much time to enjoy the system. So I will keep my comments for my own.

Btw, the good thing from this show was, many exhibitors were more than happy with a photographer like me. You could take any photo and even you got a warm ‘thank you’ after that!

The main entrance. You paid RM$ 10, then you could enter the show. Not just that, you would also receive a Sampler CD which was made only for this show! More on this later. Definitely the CD itself worth more than RM$ 10!

I believe this was sort of door prize. You needed to answer some questions then put the paper on a box at the exit of this show.

Going down to see the first area of the show.

Well, I didn’t regret to bring a longer lens  😉

At this first area, we could see many AV player demonstrating their either projector or LCD. Panasonic was one of them.

Hola… a very giant screen produced by a huge projector by Panasonic.

Smallest and Lightest 3D projector. Anybody?

Another LCD maker, Sharp. It seems the trend was higher resolutions, Smart TV, and 3D.

A little bit Hi-Fi stereo with Marantz, Mordaunt-Short, and Chord. For sale at cut price.

Sale sale and sale….