Monthly Archives: June 2012

Potting the Lundahl Choke [Part 4 – Completed]

After around 12 hours and everything is cooled down, I manage to see the final result of my potting project. It seems like the pain has been well paid. The...... Read More

Potting the Lundahl Choke [Part 3]

If you haven’t read the first two post, then I would suggest to visit here and here first. This is the 3rd experiment, and should be final one. I have...... Read More

Beautiful Triplett Precision Needle

Nothing special in here. Just showing a beautiful precision needle on one of my vintage Triplett meter. I wish most newer meter could have a similar passion to have such...... Read More

Restoring Vintage Gear: HP Palmtop 200LX

This weekend, I play a bit off topic from my regular hobby, which is audio. This is an old HP Palmtop 200LX. I own several units but due to improper...... Read More