During my journey in this insane DIY Audio world, I tend to revert back my taste into kind a vintage. I also don’t understand why, but those vintage item give something special. One of the example is on one of my meter collection.

There are several brand of meter manufacturer, which has been in this industry for quite some time. One of my favorite is Triplett (I also like Simpson or Weston or GE, but their design is not as ‘elegant’ as Triplett, this could be my personal preference though).

As you can see below. This 300 DC Volts meter has a classic font. The black plastic combined with white background gives a sense of simplicity yet tough. The needle itself has a sharp rounded with hole pointer, which is also another special part that hardly to be found in newer design. The sharp part could be used to improve the reading accuracy (for minor number), while the hole could be used for the major number (50, 100, 150, etc).

To be honest, most modern meter only use a simple straight needle which definitely throw away the vintage passion (I believe one who uses analog meter must have some sentimental reason – so most of the time the design itself matter, not only the function).

The original box. Hmm… I smell a vintage stuff nearby 🙂 One of my favorite meter brand until now. They also sell a new version though (I think same like Simpson who also still available online). But mind you, their price is very expensive.

The drilling instruction itself gives another passion for vintage lover. You can see the old typing machine font? Also some handwriting like font, but quite consistent although not 100% same from one text to another.

I believe most old designer design with extra touch of art. They don’t build only for money (although this kind of part is not cheap), but also with certain level of proud and glory.  Things that unlikely to be found in this rapid mass production and capital heavy era.