I bought Yamamoto 9Pin socket few weeks ago and I just realize that actually I need the PCB in order to make the soldering process easier. As you also notice, the 9Pin socket has very tiny pins. Soldering them probably would not be an easy job, especially if we are playing with big AWG cable (I’m using 12 AWG or 2 mm size for filament).

As my goods have been shipped out, then I have to arrange another shipment for this PCB. I contacted Shigeki in order to get this PCB. But suddenly, I got something flashing on my head. Why shouldn’t we try to make ourselves? It wouldn’t be much cheaper, but could have some fun. Anyway, I don’t really need extra pins on the PCB like shown on Yamamoto PCB below. I would prefer to have empty hole PCB to solder my cable. That would be easier, huh?

Below is very nice PCB by Yamamoto for it’s 9Pin socket.

The after several hours playing with DipTrace (no one got default library for 9Pin Teflon tube socket, I only could find the Ceramic type which is larger in diameter) – finally I came up with a new custom library for this socket. I printed it out and checked with the real socket to see if I made a good size for the pins. Voila, it’s just perfectly nice!

The Yamamoto 9Pin Teflon tube socket, with the PCB layout on the background.

DipTrace custom library for this PCB. Now it’s time to find a good PCB maker in order to produce a real working sample!