Jensen has 4 types in their Copper Foil Paper-In-Oil line-up capacitor. Actually, they are same capacitor, but only has different chassis or enclosure. Unfortunately, the different in enclosure produces different sound (and eventually different price). I’m not saying the most expensive is the best one (at least for my ears). That’s why it’s quite interesting to try them. Jensen has 4 types of enclosure/tube: Aluminum, Paper, Copper, and Ceramic. I have tried 3 of them (Aluminum, Paper, and Copper). It’s time to get the last one, the Ceramic tube to fulfill my thirst on this ‘oily capacitor world’. Before you got disappointed, there will be no test result on this post as I must pass around 100-200 hours break-in period first.

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And below is the appearance of the Jensen Ceramic tube capacitor.

My first impression when holding this capacitor on hand for the very first time is: this is a heavy capacitor. Even heavier than the Copper Tube (well, my hand is not as precise as a scale). Second, the construction is quite complicated. Instead of using the Ceramic tube and pot the capacitor inside, Jensen put some metal round plate on the both end side of the tube. This off course will contribute to extra weight of this capacitor. As usual, the lead out is silver type – which is a little bit fragile for such a heavy capacitor. If you want to see a ‘muscle power’ lead out, then see the Mundorf capacitor. But unfortunately, Mundorf capacitor uses sort of plastic enclosure which is quite a light weight. Nothing is perfect, eh?

Another shoot at one end of the capacitor. Jensen sealed with some type of tin or something. Definitely, this is not an easy construction. I believe Ceramic could give a solid damping for the inside foil. Ceramic, well, the weight and construction. You can guess yourself.

And now I know why they are the most expensive compared to the other three… How does it sound? Stay tune then 🙂

PS: I got an email from Rob ( asking if the metal round plate at both end of the tube will have conductivity like the silver leads. The answer is YES. So be careful with it. It may expose to short circuit if you place this capacitor on your metal chassis or any other place which can conduct electricity. Or, it may have some voltage if you touch them inside the circuit (at least half of B+, not bad huh~~~). Thanks Rob for checking, I miss this one.