I never ever think what is circular connector before – and what it’s all about. But when it comes upon a time when I decide to split my power supply from my preamp, then I start to think how to connect them.

Well, we have several options, but the most common one is by using a connector which commonly called circular or cylindrical connector. I would rather say it’s similar like a DIN connector, but with a lot of option in the size and pin counts.

Before, I plan to go with Amphenol Military Grade one (with extra protection in the harsh environment). But it’s quite difficult to find as my needs is minimum 4 pins @ 2 mm diameter at least. Almost a lot of online store doesn’t have any stock – even if they have, the price is quite high.

So eventually I find this one, Nanaboshi circular, at quite reasonable price and could fill up my requirements.

It has 6 pins, each about 2 mm size. I will use mostly for high voltage up to 300 VDC (but low current) and also for lower voltage but higher current (3-5 A). If if you know me well, I like oversize spec. The connector material should be Copper Alloy with Silver Plated. It looks strong and very good feeling when plugging in them together (if you have played with a lot of this kind of ‘toys’, you can feel whether this is seriously build stuff or not).

The backside of the connector. Need some clean up, but they are ready to rumble within a very short time.

I will use them to connect my power supply for my preamp, as I build them in a separate boxes. The wire shall be 2 mm UP-OCC 6N Copper wire from Neotech, specifically treated based on my personal experience so far… Well, you don’t have to believe me on this 😉