This article, for most people, considered as ‘snake oil’ or made by ‘retarded audiophool guy’ (could be me). I just throw a little bit idea in this post, but feel free to try. During this stage, I will not share too many thing (still on experimental stage). But if you are interested to find out more, ‘MDI’ and ‘Pierre Johannet’ could be your next keywords at Google. Feel free to dig more.

At some parts, air is the most natural insulation, but has very low breakdown voltage. Although some people claim Teflon as the most superior insulation with very high breakdown voltage, but at some point, I would rate Teflon as slightly analytical sounding. In order to have ‘just enough’ protection and ‘good sounding application’, we can go with things just similar spec with air (a little bit better, I think). Well, name it cotton, paper, natural fiber, silk, etc. Feel free to experiment with them.

For the conductor, off course, pure material is a must. Either pure copper or pure silver. I would choose for pure silver whenever possible (I mean, whenever I can afford it).

As we are picking an insulation with lower breakdown voltage, then it also means lower protection from environment outside. Then another protection is a must. After several experiments, I come up with a block of wood with specific distance to separate or isolate them (the cables in this context). Sometime I also combine with a tinned copper rod as separator or insulator to prevent oxidation.

The wood block was made by my good friend, Mr. AS from somewhere around West Java, Indonesia. It was a very nice wood block with very accurate cut (machine made for sure). Thanks a lot for such a good work, bro!

See the manufacturing process below:

Finally, just screw the wood block and the top cover together or you can just put a seal tape to fix their position. I would opt with copper or silk tape, though.

Hear the different then! 🙂

Just a hint, the degree of advantage from doing this could vary between cables. The insulation is the key…

Believe it or not, most of good sounding stuff will use a lot of things considered as ‘myth’ implementation. Most of them are not scientifically proven – yet – due to limitation of our current perception and equipment also. Most of the technique are usually very clear and visible, no black magic or whatsoever. But yet we are usually ignoring if something is too good to be true (the safest place is actually the most dangerous place also – familiar with this?).

Feel free to consider this as a ‘snake oil’, but if you do have guts to try, feel free also 🙂

PS: Some ask why this article sounds so unclear? Well, I would let this experiment flying around at this stage. As too much debatable and un-proven theory related with this. I share some, but I just don’t explain why – as probably the explanation is not enough to explain 🙂