Monthly Archives: February 2012

Nanaboshi Circular Connector

I never ever think what is circular connector before – and what it’s all about. But when it comes upon a time when I decide to split my power supply...... Read More

IHEAC Grand Prix Blind Test [1]: DAC

Indonesia High End Audio Club (IHEAC) arranges a ‘grand prix’ to encourage DIY community to build and show their best product. There will be several blind test and each session...... Read More

EF184 Tube Photogenic

I break one of my tube (in purpose) to take this shoot. It’s an EF184 made by Philips. I don’t have any use for this tube anyway. So just enjoy...... Read More

Between Myth and Fact…

This article, for most people, considered as ‘snake oil’ or made by ‘retarded audiophool guy’ (could be me). I just throw a little bit idea in this post, but feel...... Read More