Let’s forget a little bit about audio and move a little bit to another hobby of me: photography.

Recently, I rarely bring my camera during short trip. Why? Because mostly I visit a similar place which no longer interesting. If you have been there to a place multiple times, then the rest would become a boring day. Agree?

By the way, before continuing this, I have to admit that I’m not a professional photographer – not even close. My gear mostly an obsolete one (now I’m using Canon SX10 IS and Nikon D90). And I love night and macro photgraphy. I think it’s quite obvious throughout pictures on my blog here.

When I first time got the Nokia Lumia 800, I’m quite impressed with the camera quality. I think it can compete with most smartphone on its class. Not to mention the f/2.2 Carl Zeiss Tessar lens could give you better capture.

The standard Windows Phone tiles on the main menu.

I got a short trip to Singapore few weeks ago. I think I could use the trip to try the Nokia Lumia 800 camera. All of the rest pictures below were taken by Nokia Lumia 800. Photoshop used only for “Auto Level” and “Sharpening” function. The rest, I’m counting on the Carl Zeiss performance.

As usual, a shoot of coffee could bring my day (although still sleepy). Sharp dan quite detail on this macro shoot.

On the waiting room, seeing the luggages loading/unloading process. Bright background could confuse the camera, but so far the result was more than acceptable.

On the 52th floor of Stamford Hotel. I could see the Marina Bay there (I think better view than from Peninsula Hotel). No trouble to take the picture with the help of sun shine.

Another noon shoot. Definitely piece of cake.

Time to eat? Indoor photography, medium standard lighting, no flash. Another macro shoot with satisfactory result. Let me finish eating first, ok? Yummy…

The Temple on Bugis Street which I always pay a visit. Maybe the overall color was slightly soft, but detail and everything remains good.

Afternoon shoot. We could see the sun was about to set down and sleep 🙂

Night shoot. Well, with a very minimum light, definitely most camera phone would have some trouble and the noise would increase. But as we could see, the quality was still acceptable. Maybe I was shaking a little bit as the wind blew quite strong on the 52th level balcony :), so the picture might not be sharp as it should be.

Indoor, medium lighting, colorful scene. For daily use, the Nokia Lumia 800 camera quality is quite superior.

Another quick macro shoot with no preparation. I wrongly set the focus though, but I think the macro shoot of this phone is excellent.

Another night shoot at Chinatown. Quite complex scenery, as there was some area with very bright lighting, and some with medium/low lighting. This was the best result I could get (the trouble was to wait until no cars there and it took long time to make it happened).

Sunrise at the morning. Time to wake up gentleman!

Indoor, high lighting, on the Changi Airport. Very easy scenery for this Lumia 800.

Another colorful indoor shoot. Like I have mentioned before, the Nokia Lumia 800 camera is more than enough for your daily usage.

Vintage color effect supported by the camera. As if I were 30 years back, but at current technology and environment.

Another effect supported by the camera. Probably not commonly used for everyday photography, but could be very interesting at some situation.

Never easy to catch fireworks scene, but well… after tons of shoot 😉

Sunny-day-open-air macro shoot. The water drops never looked that fresh.

My conclusion after using this Nokia Lumia 800 camera for several days? Yes, I can leave my camera at home most of the time. This is a sleek phone, multifunction, and has a very good camera. Good macro and good on medium-low lighting are two features which needed by me. Definitely I can use it for snapshot or to take candid shoot around. With f/2.2, definitely it’s better than most of the competitor. I think I will keep one on my pocket. You never know when to have such important candid session, right?

Added: Multi Focus Testing. You can just tap the screen to pick the focus area (marked in green box during the test). Not an extraordinary function, but quite a nice and handy to play with. Click image to enlarge.