Monthly Archives: January 2012

Duelund Alexander Capacitor Subjective Listening Test

It’s been a while since my last capacitor comparison review was done. Not much changes actually (not much new ‘interesting’ products also I think). But I was quite tempted to...... Read More

Amanda McBroom: Dreaming

Long time I haven’t written any review about my CD collection. This time, I will write about one of the most collectible album, Amanda McBroom: Dreaming. This is one from...... Read More

Travelling with Nokia Lumia 800 [Photo Quality Review]

Let’s forget a little bit about audio and move a little bit to another hobby of me: photography. Recently, I rarely bring my camera during short trip. Why? Because mostly...... Read More

Grayhill 7 Decks, 1 Pole, 24 Position Rotary Switch

I always have dream to have a separate and dedicated passive volume control. There was a time when I was offered to acquire few sets of Grayhill ‘M’ series rotary...... Read More

New Year’s Challenge Continues [Marantz PM400AVK Modification]

After the Part I has been done, now I continue to the Part II. On this 2nd part, I will see what’s wrong with the Marantz PM400AVK. Simple testing method...... Read More

New Year’s Challenge Continues [Mission 762 Speaker Modification]

If you have read this previous article, probably you got my point when reading this one. Now, I’m doing the modification for the speaker. After several serious examination (well, you...... Read More

A New Year’s Challenge

My wife knows and supports my hobby in audio. I think she even knows almost all of my expenses. Well, ‘almost’ means maybe there are some that she doesn’t care...... Read More

Happy New Year & 5+ Years of

Time flies… I have owned this blog for more than 5 years. Despite the fluctuation, I think the trend is quite stable and showing a positive growing up trend. I...... Read More