So far, my current reference for solder is WBT. Price and performance wise, this is one of the best from my point of view (also point of listening). But somehow someday, I was intrigued to try Mundorf top of the line solder, the MSolder Supreme Silver Gold. I know Mundorf quite well, as at some point, I used to love their capacitor (especially the Silver/Gold/Oil series).

This top of the line solder contains 88.6% Tin, 1.8% Copper, (massively) 9.5% Silver, and 0.1% Gold.

Although only contains 0.1% of Gold, but it’s enough to transform my soldering iron into gold plated tip 😉

I used to love leaded tin, instead of lead-free one. Call me ‘no-greener-diy’, but working with leaded tin is more comfortable somehow. With lead-free solder, you need a hotter soldering iron (normally 20-40 degrees more). Example, leaded WBT melting temperature is around 180 degrees Celsius. On lead-free version, you need 200+, under 250 degrees Celsius. This Mundorf MSolder Supreme needs around 290 degrees Celsius (so this Mundorf’s top of the line solder also need a top temperature – Mundorf’s lower grade MSolder only needs lower temperature). But actually I don’t have any problem using my 25W Goot soldering iron to work with either WBT or Mundorf MSolder.

Later, I’m thinking to create some comparison between those two… 🙂