Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Use of Soldering Paste

For most of my soldering life, I still use what we call as ‘Flux’ or ‘Soldering Paste’ (or also known as ‘Lotfett’). Although some people say that the use of...... Read More

Picking the Right Soldering Iron

Finding a good soldering iron is not an easy job. But once you find it, it will simplify the rest of your life – I mean, the rest of your...... Read More

Mundorf MSolder Supreme Silver / Gold Solder

So far, my current reference for solder is WBT. Price and performance wise, this is one of the best from my point of view (also point of listening). But somehow...... Read More

Fake Cardas SRCA Plugs with Cardas Logo

I was quite surprised to hear this email below few days ago. Yes I knew that some Cardas SRCA has Cardas logo, found on their reference or factory terminated cable...... Read More