As my chassis has done few days ago, now it’s time to design the placement of the parts. I have mentioned before that the dimension was quite tight, so I wasn’t sure that I could fit all the parts on it. But without doing some prototyping, I couldn’t confirm that. So let’s start doing that.

My new chassis contains 3 chambers. One for the main transformer, one for the power supply section, and one for signal section. The size around 40×40 cm, more or less.

The simplest way to do the prototyping is by using hard paper mimicking the top plate.

Below is the considered best layout so far. Note the Electraprint and Lundahl choke are positioned outside the area, because they are gonna be place inside the chassis. The others mostly place on the top of the top plate. You might also note that I don’t put any rectifier socket. Yeah, we have to sacrifice the rectifier socket out to the signal section. Especially since I will use 2 types of socket, the B4/B5 and Octal. Definitely, no place on the power supply section. I also don’t like to put heat source like tube rectifier near to my choke or capacitor.

The Lundahl got special mounting screw, hung under the top plate. Luckily that I have a lot of spacer who could match the height of this choke. Sometime you never know when you will need this kind of small stuff.

The prototyping is done so far. I put the hand scratch to my scanner and will proceed them more digitally in order to create precise dimension and layout. Later then, I can send to local factory to fabricate them either in copper plate, aluminum plate, or any other materials.

One step has been completed into a new home for my Aikido Preamp 😉