Monthly Archives: August 2011

Power Supply Simulation with PSUD II

One of must have software when simulating power supply is PSU Designer II or PSUD II. This amazing freeware could simulate your power supply behavior, before you start to assembly...... Read More

Black Gate WKz ‘Heart of Muse’

I have been a fan for Black Gate for quite long time. My first time impression probably nearly 10 years ago. I forgot whether I heard SKz or WKz at...... Read More

Measuring Cathode Current and Resistor Rating

Some people send me an email asking about how to measure cathode current and resistor rating. I will show you how to do it and actually this way is not...... Read More

Testing Tube Temperature

Sometime I’m curious how hot your tube is? Well, this short experiment will give you some idea. Different tube may have different thermal characteristic (simple logic: the higher current on...... Read More