After a long journey listening hundreds of tracks, finally I come up with Reference CD #1. This CD, off course due to law regulation, are made by me and only for my own private collection. I use it to simplify myself when testing some audio system. So I can save my space on the bag to bring other things, instead of bringing several CDs.

Actually, it was very hard to pick only few tracks from hundreds of my collections. I think I will come up with Reference CD #2, #3, and so-on. For this Reference CD #1, I think mostly I put vocal tracks there. Probably female is more than male one. Well, that’s probably my own personal taste. Most single ended tube will love the tracks on it.

The Reference CD #1 was recorded on Apogee Reference Gold CD-R. Carefully burned on “protected” machine in order to achieve best result. Probably not the best on the planet, but surely the best than I can get after experimenting with a lot of configurations.

The Apogee Gold CD-R 74 minutes space. I think Kodak also produced the Gold series long time ago (which was my reference around 13 years ago along with my 6x4x16 Yamaha SCSI Writer).

Checking result with my notebook optical drive. Produced around 326 C1 error and no C2 error. Not the best, but more that enough for my standard at this moment with limited hardware configuration.

Below is the track list. All the tracks, except #13 was ripped from the original CD with EAC. Track #13 was taken from the 24/96 kHz FLAC source.

Track# CD Image Track Title
1. Channel Identification Test


XLO Reference Recordings

2. Gjev Meg Handa Di


Anne Karin Kaasa

3. Kroncong Moritsko



4. 月光小夜曲


Cai Qin (蔡琴)

5. Those Old Memories Are Still Fresh


Huang Hong Ying (酴綻荎)

6. What A Difference A Day Makes


Ingram Washington

7. Isn’t She Lovely


Livingston Taylor

8. 大目新娘


Ah Tao (陳永淘)

9. 我和你


Chen Lily (陳潔麗)

10. Come Away With Me


Norah Jones

11. 我有一段情


Cui Yan Guang (崔岩光)

12. Mitt Hjerte Alltid Vanker


Skruk & Rim Banna

13. And I Love You So


Chie Ayado

14. E.C.F., From Presque Isle


Eiji Oue

15. White Christmas


Irving Berlin

16. High Life


Domnerus, Hallberg, Erstrand, Riedel, Johansen

17. Black Magic Woman


Patricia Barber