To tweak a lot of things, usually I reserve a good set of tweaking tools. One of them is the tape. The function, mostly, is to seal something (wire/chassis/transformer) in order to prevent unwanted outsider interference to come in.

During my experience, I always stock four types of tape. My first one is Copper tape (quite common, for cheaper one, you can have aluminum tape).

Second is Teflon tape which well known of its durability to withstand of very high temperature, quite common in industrial machinery application and also in audio (probably you’ve ever heard one of the most expensive Teflon capacitor, V-Cap).

Third is Kapton tape. This tape also can withstand a very high temperature, but probably not a common stuff to be used in audio.

And the last one, also a unique one, is a silk tape. Don’t ask me how to get the last one, as you might think I’m “quite” insane (indeed).

Different type of tape will be used on different location and different purpose. Sometime, more than one type used on the same time. Feel free to try yourself, as I might not share those experiments at current time 😉