Not just Lundahl here, I also ordered custom choke from Jack/Electra-Print. I contacted Jack and asked him to create a Choke, with requirement to be placed in Input position. He offered me a VPI technique which (according to him) enough for Choke Input application. Other requirements was a “” standard which mean oversize construction (M6 lamination, 30H/75mA).

Top appearance of the choke. Not much different with typical choke, although this one cost a lot more.

Jack you should try to add some unique label to differentiate your choke with other “el-cheapo” one 😉

Choke measured with my cheap L/C Meter. Not bad, measured around 32H.

DCR measured with my Sanwa Multimeter, the readings around 232 Ohm.

I have one more choke left, the Sowter one. Will see when it will arrive.