I’m ongoing to rebuild my Aikido Preamp which has been suspended for quite long time. The target is simple: a complete wood chassis and some upgraded parts then we are done (no more upgrade or whatsoever for this Preamp). You can check link above to check the current parts used on the Preamp.

I have ordered new chokes from Sowter, Electra-Print, and Lundahl. Brian (Sowter) and Jack (Electra-Print) needs to custom my order, so they will be delayed around 2 weeks for production times. Meanwhile Per (Lundahl) got a ready to use one (LL1673) then I ordered from Kevin (K&K Audio) and delivered right to my home around 2 weeks with Priority Mail service.

Kevin helped me to match both chokes. Although from the appearance, I think they were not manufactured on same batch (you can see different font size), but from some short measurements, they are indeed quite “matched”.

The beauty of C-Core Choke. Well, Lundahl from Sweden is well known for it’s C-Core based. Very low DCR around 60 Ohm only.

The other side of the LL1673. This is considered as a choke with “dual secondary”. You can connect them in parallel or series to get either double inductance or double current rating. The call is yours. But that’s not what I’m looking for when choosing this Lundahl to accompany my Sowter and Electra-Print chokes.

Check below, probably you can guess what I’m thinking… 😉 Dare to try? Watch the wiring for the “positive” and “negative” from each winding, and how to wire them to setup a common mode “high-end C-Core” choke. Why common mode choke? We will discuss this at different post later 😉