Finally, I finish assembling my AD1865 PCB which converts standard I2S to AD1865 LSBJ format. This idea comes from pavouk, which provides the schematic then later I follow to design the PCB. Credit to him for this project.

So below is the appearance from the top side. The AD1865 main chip, followed by some 74HC converter, some DIY inductors and some ceramic bypass capacitors.

On the bottom side (this is 2-layers PCB), we can see another set of ceramic bypass capacitors and two I/V resistor. They are Shinkoh 2W version. Very huge size! Actually I need to put some filtering capacitors there. Thinking to grab my Black Gate NX Series or we can just go with Os-Con.

Appearance from the top. Quad towers of inductors to filter some unwanted noise (hope I’m doing right).

Appearance from the side. Well, those beautiful Shinkoh 2W Resistor is damned big.

Time to fire them up… 😉 soon…