My cheap L/C Meter has arrived. With this new tool, I can play and explore more, especially things related with inductance, like Choke or Inductor. Although this is not the most accurate meter, but should be enough for typical daily usage. Before, I plan to take the Tonghui L/C Meter, which costs around 4x more. But this probably later on the future as this Tonghui is not easy to get. So at this moment, this cheap meter should work fine.

Below is the measurement result when measuring our previous DIY Choke.

DIY choke measured. I just wind the copper wire on the small ferrite bar. Just wind it until the wire fully occupied the empty space on the ferrite bar. Didn’t count the total winding though. But it seems that with 0.5 mm wire, I could get around 768 uH. Should be more than enough for digital supply section, which usually only need around 100 uH. I still have spare to use 0.8 mm wire 😉