If you have read my previous entry about QLS QA-550 SD Card Player, probably you still remember that I plan to upgrade the clock. Well, finally my TentLabs Low Jitter 11.289 MHz clock has arrived. We are about to begin, but not now, not tonight! 🙂

If you ask why TentLabs. Basically I own Guido’s XO2 module before, but it’s 27 MHz version. After some confirmation with Guido, he confirms that I can just change the clock from 27 MHz to the needed frequency. Well, that’s cool!

An interesting links from Guido to understand that lowest doesn’t mean the best.

Below is the clock module (XO) from TentLabs.

Below is the XO2 module, basically it’s independent low noise power supply section to feed the XO module.

The raw supply will be filtered first by a mini regulator, made by a DIY from Taiwan, then fed to XO2, then to the XO module. A fully armored power supply (all Black Gate FK/NX capacitor, Kiwame resistor, Vishay SF5407 snubbered with MKP1837). I made this one long time ago, tested fine. But I think I can measure more with my oscilloscope later, to confirm if this design is a perfect match with XO2.