I need some small inductor for my DAC power supply section, but finding appropriate one is not an easy job. I have found several ready to use inductor, but whether the construction or the inductance, doesn’t match my needs. So probably, I’m gonna learn myself to wind some.

Actually, consider this one is just for fun (definitely it’s not a neat job, as the winding completely not in symmetry between layers). Anyway, before my inductance meter arrives, practically speaking, I can’t finish this project. I just want to know how long do I need the wire to fully wind this inductor, what is the problem, and the work around to get a nice one. And now, I got the estimated length and some also learn some tricks to make a neat one.

After the meter arrives, I just need to measure how big the inductance and will do some adjustment if needed – either going into smaller wire or need to add some more turns.

And to be honest, it’s very difficult to wind manually without a winding machine. Especially when you are using small wire, as the wire is not stiff enough, so easily loose from its “formation”.