My new digital transport has just come, QLS QA-550.

This is actually a SD Card WAV Transport, as it only has digital out (either Coaxial or Optical) and internally I2S pin-out.

The I2S pin-out. It contains standard LRCK, DATA, BCK, GND, and extra MCK pin.

Main processor of this QLS QA-550.

Oscon is everywhere, some SH series, some has no label. I believe we can improve with some other brands, but must confirm each function to pick the best capacitor.

The 11.2896 MHz clock. According to QLS, it has 2 ppm resolution. Thinking to upgrade to TentLabs? 😉

Some components on the power supply section.

The main filter capacitor with Rubycon ZL. Below is the SPDIF pulse transformer.

Sonic impression? I have to find my old DAC first to test, as this QLS doesn’t offer any analog output. Or, I have to wait until my DIY DAC project finished… still a long way to go?