Monthly Archives: November 2010

High Current Regulator with LM723 [Updated]

Today, I drill some acrylic and heatsink to mount the regulator PCB. What a tiring drilling job! Not too easy to drill a lot of holes on the heatsink, though...... Read More

High Current Regulator with LM723

When it comes to high current and high efficiency, actually we don’t have much option rather than using switching based power supply. For most of consumer electronic equipment, this kind...... Read More

Playing with Asus O!Play Air HDP-R3

I got chance to try ASUS O!Play Air HDP-R3. Short words, it’s a digital storage player (you can use external HDD connected via USB or e-SATA or use the build-in...... Read More

DIY “Oscilloscope-like” Multitester Probe

I used to like “hook-type” probe used in oscilloscope , as this type is very convenient in testing small parts. You just hook the test clip and see the result...... Read More

Newborn Tiny Amp Show Off

Not completely done, but I could imagine the final appearance later. Enjoy! Only one last module left, the audio player as source. And off course, the speakers.... Read More

Midnight Tube Rectifier Shootout

In the middle of the night, after finishing my tube rectifier dual socket modification, I prepare some tube rectifier to test the new socket. I think it’s gonna be nice...... Read More