Ok, my newborn saw the world for the first time about 5 days ago, and I haven’t finished his first gift 😉

The main idea is to create an active speaker, powered with Quad Amplifier TBA820, onboard MP3 Player, and low voltage tube buffer.

I have finished the Quad Amplifier module as shown below.

I don’t use a real high-end parts, just some parts available on my bin and some newly purchased. Well, I don’t go with premium parts for this small project, but I don’t play cheap anyway.

We can see some quite good parts like Black Gate C Series, Nippon Chemicon KME, and Nichicon Muse BP. The resistor changed from standard carbon to precision metal film. Some ceramics caps remain there.

Below are some other parts will be used for the low voltage tube buffer and power supply section. Luckily I still have enough parts on my bin for this project 😉 Do I see WIMA there?

Custom made power transformer to supply the whole circuit. I need a lot of secondary taps for the Quad Amplifier, the MP3 Player, the tube buffer B+, tube buffer filament, etc. High quality transformer definitely is a must!

The tube buffer module on the PCB. Not yet assembled, just finish the drilling process. It’s nice to have an exact 22 mm holesaw for 9-pin tube socket. Note the unused 2 holes due to wrong drilling process >.<

The tube module from sideview. I’m going to do P2P soldering with the components mounted on the PCB side. Will be looked nice and clean if we can arrange the parts nicely on the top of the PCB.

I think I can finish this in next few weeks 😉