Monthly Archives: August 2010

Battle of Three Capacitors

It’s been a long since I promised to write this article: A comparison between Audio Note Copper Foil Mylar-in-Oil, Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube, and Jensen Copper Foil Copper Tube....... Read More

Measuring ALC660 Power Output

I was playing with my Rigol Oscilloscope to measure my laptop power output. The sound card was Realtek ALC660. I played a 1 kHz sine wave with a software and...... Read More

Duelund Interconnect 2.0 Rev2 vs 1.0 Rev1

After completing the construction of my Duelund Interconnect 2.0 Rev2 here, I decided to do some short comparison. My friend has Duelund Interconnect 1.0 Rev1. I think this gonna be...... Read More

DIY Audio Gathering at Bintaro (Indonesia)

Last week, we have a local DIY audio gathering at Bintaro (Indonesia). I took some photo, hope these could inspire us (DIY) more in the future. Sorry I didn’t “remember”...... Read More


I designed a simple SRPP PCB for my own project. A special thanks to my friend, Mr. ATP who helped to process the PCB fabrication. Well, later these days, I...... Read More