Monthly Archives: July 2010

When Cardas SRCA Meets Duelund 2.0 Rev 2 Interconnect

I don’t like expensive cable. My most expensive one was Kimber, the lower one was Synergistic Research. But I was stunned when listened my friend’s Duelund interconnect 0.5 and 2.0....... Read More

Stockholm Cathedral Choir: Now The Green Blade Riseth

Actually, this is an old recording. I listened the first few years ago in XRCD format. I lost the CD, and suddenly I saw a SACD one on an audio...... Read More

Are You Thinking What I’m Thinking?

I love the Duelund CAST Resistor sound on my speaker crossover. Despite its cost, it’s better than some of my previous favorites, like Sfernice or Mills (YMMV). But since they...... Read More

Tube Rectifier Filament Supply Selector

I this world, there are lot of tubes, with different filament supply. In most of my tube rectification application, I stand with two choice of rectifier, the one with 5...... Read More

Various Artists: This is K2 HD Sound!

Due to my busy time, I haven’t written much on this blog. But in next few weeks, some hot entries will come -  as I have purchased some new toys....... Read More