Monthly Archives: April 2010

Observing Inner and Outer Foil of Some Popular Capacitors

I just got my Oscilloscope, so I can play more fun with my DIY stuff. Ok, let’s start with some basic “game”, to find the inner and outer foil of...... Read More

Wear Out Tube…

The sign of a wear out tube? Time to grab some more… >.<... Read More

Duelund CAST Resistor on Test

Straight to the point. Just backed home tonight from a crazy traffic, then it was a great moment to payback! Let’s solder the new Duelund CAST Resistor. You can see...... Read More

Vertical Mount Transformer

Finally, I change my main transformer orientation, from horizontal to vertical. Not really easy to mount this giant transformer vertically. But here is the result. I’m quite sure I love...... Read More

Transformer Mounting Position: From Vertical to Horizontal

Before, my main transformer was designed to be mounted in vertical position. As you can see, the L-Shape was designed to be bolted on the main chassis vertically. Due to...... Read More

Duelund CAST Ag (CAST Silver) Early Hours Impression

Now it’s time to try the Duelund CAST Ag (CAST Silver) on my Aikido Preamp. You might be interested to read the installation process. Short words, here is the final...... Read More

Measuring the Tube Glass Surface Temperature

My Sanwa PC510 multimeter has the capability to measure the temperature via small probe. So, I’m curious to measure my tube glass/surface temperature. I test the 6N1P, 6N6P, and 5U4G...... Read More