Few months ago, my Aikido transformer was burned due to my stupidity plugging in 100R bleeder resistor, instead of 100K one. Well, I have ordered another replacement few months ago, but just now I have time (and motivation) to install it. This one is an ultimate transformer I believe, with Z11 iron and Germany/Australia wire. I have big concern on power supply, since it’s the food for your audio system. So I expect good and healthy food, I mean, power supply for my audio equipment.

Due to different leads arrangement with my old transformer, I must do some extra job adding some extra wiring. Here is the result.


Not a bad 45 minutes of work, huh?

Below is my Aikido chassis. The top left is the empty space for the transformer. A little bit complicated in the arrangement.


After connecting the primary section of my new transformer, I decided to give a try on the secondary. I use my Sanwa PC510 True RMS Multimeter to check the secondary windings. It seemed OK. If I could recall my memories correctly, it was measured around 660VAC, 6.6VAC, and 5.2VAC.


Now it’s time to solder all the connections. Then, I plugged back all the tubes.


The last touch was to install the Duelund CAST Silver (CAST Ag). They sat perfectly on the right place, on the side of Jensen Copper Foil Aluminum Tube which used as the final HV bypass.


But I was too tired even to power up the system. So we will evaluate the sound performance, later but soon, I believe 😉