A pair of Duelund CAST is enough to rob your wallet. How about two pairs? Well, sometime money is not an object – when you are pursuing the ultimate sound. No sky is high enough 😉

I welcome, two pairs of Duelund CAST Capacitor installed on 6J5-RE604-RS241 Amplifier. The installation process was done just before end of last year (31th December 2009, night!). And well, I saw many fireworks when driving home (around 00:15). Happy New Year first!


The internal wiring has been upgraded with some Duelund Hook-Up Wire (various size of 0.5/1.0/2.0). To be honest, this is definitely an ultimate amplifier with ultimate parts inside. I have heard this system several times, and after this last few modification, the result was awesome.


Before, we tried the 1 uF CAST on the position between driver-final tube, while between the input and driver tube we used the 0.47 uF CAST. What we got was a quite disappointed result! The bass lost its definition and control. The mid was so dominant, but the high lost its naturality. We lost most of the “what we called” a microdetails.

Then we exchanged the 1 uF CAST to the front (input and driver tube) and 0.47 uF CAST to the back (drive and final tube). The result was amazing. The high was so extend and sweet. The mid was no longer dominant, but overall the tonal balance was superb. Bass control also on the level of our satisfactory, tight, rounded, and well controlled. Oh almost forgot, the microdetails of every instrument, like guitar, violin, and the sweet of Stacey Kent and Rebecca Pidgeon were impressive. The different between previous and latest setup (only exchanging the 1 uF and 0.47 uF position) was so significant. Even we could judge just few second after the intro of Spanish Harlem (Rebecca Pidgeon). I believed this was not a placebo since we have tried to exchange the position few times to confirm our finding.


Another shoot of this beautiful amplifier, powered with vintage, expensive, and perfectly sounding tubes. Oh also you could see 2 pairs of Duelund on the bottom of the plate. Sorry man, it seemed that you did really need a new chassis.


The 2 pairs combo of this Duelund CAST did make a big improvement and enjoyment in listening music. We could hear an even “bowling alley” depth staging from this combination. Actually, 1 pair of Duelund CAST already made a lot of improvement, but we never guessed that 2 pairs could make the different even more significant. So, when we can stop? >.<

I have ordered a pair of CAST Silver, which cost almost 3 times of the CAST Copper used in this entry. We’ll see in next two months whether I have made a right decision or not 😉