Monthly Archives: January 2010

Vintage MilliAmperes Meter Repair

I have some collections of vintage meters. One of them have problem like shown below. The needle can’t be fixed on the zero position. It seems like the internal magnetic...... Read More

Cleaning Up My Hickok 539B Tube Tester

The first thing that I need to do to refurbish my Hickok 539B Tube Tester is to clean up its appearance. I bought CRC QD Electronic Cleaner. This quick drying...... Read More

Hickok 539B Tube Tester

I manage to secure one vintage tube tester, a Hickok 539B. This is an ultimate tester, Lab grade, and one of the most wanted tester on eBay. Don’t ask how...... Read More

No Brand “300B Western Electric-like” and Valve Art/Shuguang Mesh 300B

A nice “300B Western Electric-like” tube from China and 300BS from Shuguang/Valve Art with Mesh design. Must be interesting to see how they both perform in the real world. Both...... Read More

Measurement Meter Comparison

On this lazy new year, I do a comparison between some of my old cheap meter (for Capacitance and Multimeter) and my new well know brand, Sanwa. I finish some...... Read More

Dual Pairs of Duelund CAST Capacitors!

A pair of Duelund CAST is enough to rob your wallet. How about two pairs? Well, sometime money is not an object – when you are pursuing the ultimate sound....... Read More