I have a short free time at the afternoon, and it’s time to test my Power Supply for my Gainclone. Powered by Talema dual secondaries, each rated at 18VAC/6.3A


I setup basic configuration with dual bridges (8x MUR860) and 35 pcs of Black Gate F Series 680uF/65V capacitors each rail. I plan to add Snubber with new Duelund CAST Resistor and MKP1837, some bypassing with either Auricap/Mundorf/Jensen, and some experimental “off the record” LC configuration 😉


The last thing that I have to do is to check the voltage for the positive and negative rail. Well, I have to make sure they are within my standard of tolerance.


The positive rail measured at 26VDC, while the negative rail is at 25.9VDC. About 0.3% is considered OK.

Another photo below is for the close-up shoot of the capacitors.


It’s time to power up the Gainclone. Sorry, it’s too late. I hate to work – especially when related with something which needs extra cautious – but with less concentration. I will delay the power up of my Gainclone for few more days…