I will not use “Ultimate” or “Premium” project since no one knows (even me) the result of this Gainclone project. I would say… “Ridiculous Gainclone”. Is that OK? πŸ˜‰ To be honest, this more likely a mini battleship (A-Wing?) on the StarWars movie than an amplifier.

A brief view of it, from the top. Powered with Mundorf Supreme Silver/Gold/Oil as input coupling capacitor (2.2 uF), Vintage NOS SCR 22 uF as feedback capacitor, and Black Gate F Series as power capacitor, bypassed with K40Y Russian oil capacitor. Isn’t that “ridiculous”?


Keep reading, I will show some things I have done today to assembly my Gainclone.

First, I need to clean the leads of the LM1875. You can use scissor to clean the leads to remove any dirt (to make a perfect contact? Yeah right!).


Then, add some WBT Solder on the leads. Why? This will create better signal path (because WBT Solder contains silver inside). Oh well, you can pick any solder which you prefer most. Mundorf M-Solder with Gold also quite recommended. But since this LM1875 tends to have “warmer” sound, so adding some WBT here should be perfect.


Make sure everything is OK? I need to check the “health” status of my capacitors. Especially the NOS one. My Sanwa analog multitester is my best friend for this purpose. Perfect and accurate.


Also need to check for the capacitance. Less then 5% is accepted for me.


The feedback capacitors are mounted. Umm… what a size!


Cannon mounted! I mean, the 2.2 uF Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil πŸ˜‰


Another shoot from other side. Those tiny LM1875 are mounted directly to the bottom heatsink. Should be enough to deliver about 20 Watts RMS.


Shoot from the back side. I use “cheap” Shark RCA connector. Will upgrade to Cardas Rhodium later.


That’s it! How does it sound?

Ha~~~ I haven’t tested it! It was too late at that time. Too tired, too lazy, and don’t have enough stamina to held a listening session (and I also haven’t finalized my power supply design anyway). So just wait…